Long known for their locally sourced high quality meats, produce and groceries, Casey’s Food of Naperville looked to Electrical Design Systems Corp. (EDS) from Aurora when deciding to replace their aging lighting system.  Seeking to maintain their leadership in the local marketplace, Casey’s desired to provide a pleasurable shopping experience for their customers with visually comfortable lighting throughout the store.  Also, Casey’s wished to minimize their carbon footprint and cut energy cost via installation of a highly efficient lighting system.

The team at EDS went to work and produced a layout for the market using computer aided design tools and modeling.  Photometric studies were presented to Casey’s management and the layouts were well received.  EDS produced engineered installation drawings, handled plan submissions to the City, and gained approval to proceed with the project last Summer.

Essential installation elements of the project included:

  • Removal and certified environmentally sound disposal of the existing fluorescent light fixtures
  • Removal of the less efficient incandescent display and accent lighting
  • Removal of aging wiring and replacement with new conduits & wiring
  • Installation of new linear LED aircraft cable suspended dimmable light fixtures
  • Addition of battery powered sections of the LED fixtures to provide added safety
  • Installation of LED accent fixtures for displays, signage and decorative lighting
  • Upgraded Exit & Egress lighting
  • Design and installation of a programmable lighting control system (operable by computer, smart phone, and/or tablet) to provide flexibility, efficiency and perfect ambiance

Using strategic project management and efficient installation techniques, the project was completed without disruption to Casey’s business operations and with no inconvenience to Casey’s shoppers. 

“Customers told me the store has been reborn with a facelift,” Casey’s Owner Dan Casey said. “The bright lights, ability to adjust the levels, energy savings and minimal maintenance is a wonderful upgrade. EDS did a fantastic job,” Casey added.

The project resulted in an efficient, controllable and visually pleasing lighting system.