L to R: Kevin Farley, Cement Masons Local 502; Paul Wende, Ironworkers Local 63; Frank Furco, IBEW Local 701; Jim Coyne, Plumbers Local 130 UA; John Daniel, SMART Local 265; Mike Clemmons, IBEW Local 176; Anthony Giunti, IBEW Local 701. Not pictured Rob Fulton, Riggers 136.

A state of the art wellness center opened this week in the IBEW Local 701 building in Warrenville.
UWC – Warrenville (Union Wellness Centers), managed by Cerner Corporation, offers personalized patient care to Local 701 members and their families as part of their union benefits.  Members of Plumbers Local Union 130 UA, SMART Local 265, Ironworkers Local 63, Riggers Local 136, Cement Masons Local 502, IBEW Local 176 and their families are also included in this coalition and are welcome to use the center.

“We are excited to work with these Chicagoland unions to create a unique health and care experience for their members and families and provide a location and services that are easy and convenient for them to access,” said Stacie Clum, Sr. Director and general manager of Workforce Health Solutions, Cerner. “With an integrated care team and complete wellness approach, we look forward to offering personalized patient care for the individuals and families.”

The Wellness Centers offer members urgent and preventive care services, chronic condition management, physical therapy, virtual care services, health education and risk awareness. Cerner’s health centers focus on keeping members and their families healthy, reducing the need for costly emergency room and urgent care visits, while providing a unique benefit to members.

The center also offers the Cerner Motion HealthSM technology, which aims to identify the sources of musculoskeletal issues to proactively address the needs of an individual. The motion capture system is a 12-movement musculoskeletal screening using the latest marker-less 3D motion capture technology. Results are interpreted by a health care provider who generates a personalized rehabilitative plan.

UWC – Warrenville is the second such center to open in the area, with the original center located in Lemont. Plumbers Local Union 130 UA Business Manager James Coyne, opened the first UWC in the southwest suburb 2 years ago. Given its success, he encouraged other area unions to partner with Cerner to provide similar services for their members. As a result of the collaboration, 5 more centers will be opening in the region over the next few months, with the Crystal Lake and Rosemont locations opening this week.

Local 701 Business Manager Frank Furco gave opening remarks and credited Coyne for blazing the trail and thanked him for his vision. Coyne responded by thanking the leaders of the coalition adding, “We all checked our egos at the door, for the betterment of the people who elected us to be their leaders. It was a team effort.”

Cerner’s health technologies connect people and information systems at thousands of contracted provider facilities worldwide, dedicated to creating smarter and better care for individuals and communities.