COVID-19 is an extraordinarily challenging time. For those grappling with devastating job loss, loss of a business, or those learning to live with the loss of a loved one(s), it has been an unspeakable time of tragedy, and our hearts are with you all.

As we slowly inch forward to a re-opening of our daily lives, what will we leave behind from this experience? And more importantly, what will we take with us? It is worth a few moments to ponder because through this difficult time, wondrous things can and will emerge. New businesses will be launched. Existing business plans will be altered, adjusting to this ‘new normal’ as it has been called. People may recognize once again the importance of customer service and how leading with compassion actually WORKS.

Throughout this startling time of disruption, we have seen many heroes on the front lines, namely our first responders, incredibly brave medical teams and staff, as well as countless grocery and gas station workers, manufacturing workers, and delivery drivers and personnel. THANK YOU to all who have kept our world spinning while so many of us have been on the sidelines.

Some say critical electrical infrastructure has also been a hero and indeed it has. It has been vitally necessary in treating the scores of COVID-19 patients and survivors as the unimaginable numbers continue to grow. It has been indispensable for parents as they pivoted, immediately working from home and helping their children continue their schoolwork electronically. And there is no doubt that electricity has kept us all connected throughout this extraordinary period in our history.

However, I say that it has been our essential workers – the accomplished tradesmen and women of the electrical contracting industry – who are the additional unsung heroes of this crisis. Maintenance and network repairs, along with the creation of entirely new systems to support our numerous hospitals and temporary testing sites, have proven to be crucial components in combating the disease that has raged war upon the world.

In the coming days and weeks, much will continue to change in our daily lives. However, one constant is that our highly skilled and trained members remain ready to serve the public. Our member contractors and electricians have been #POWERingthru in spectacular ways and we are deeply grateful for their knowledge, professionalism and expertise, and their incredible contributions during this crisis.

The safety and health of our members has always been the highest priority for our industry, which makes our qualified electricians the ones to trust in your home or organization and they remain committed to providing safe and continuous service for you, your families, and your business.

Karyn M. Charvat, Executive Director