M. J. Electric, LLC (MJE), a Quanta Services company, is a nationally recognized prime electrical contractor in the electrical construction, maintenance, and process control industries. MJE’s mission is to safely deliver electric transmission, substation, distribution, renewable energy, power, industrial, instrumentation, and civil/foundation construction services that increase the security, reliability, and capacity of our nation’s infrastructure. We also have specialized services available such as: Fiber Optic, EPC, and Energized Services. In addition to our Utility services, our Industrial group provides construction and maintenance in the power generation, heavy industrial, refinery, commercial, mining, and pulp and paper markets.

MJE is an IBEW Union contractor with strong relationships across the US. Besides our core Industrial and Utility Electrical team, MJE has three divisions. MJ Drilling and MJ Excavating perform construction in the civil/foundations industry. Process Controls & Instrumentation provides comprehensive instrumentation and controls services.

Contact Info:
Mark Hakey
Phone: (906) 239-7139