Though we are in a much different place today than we were a year ago, there will be many empty chairs at our tables as we gather with family and friends this holiday season. Our hearts are with all who lost loved ones during this past year. Since our Thanksgiving 2020 post, COVID-19 and the Delta variant have continued to rage across this great nation and throughout the world, ruthlessly taking another 3 million lives worldwide ~ over 5 million to date.

Yet, as noted in 2020, there are those who never left the routine of their workday: the exceptionally skilled tradesmen and women of the unionized electrical industry. Our workforce.

We once again offer this essential THANK YOU to our PowerForward DuPage member contractors and electricians; to all who consistently place others’ safety and welfare before their own; and to all who continue to play a critical role on the frontline. We remain deeply grateful for your knowledge, your expertise, and your remarkable contributions throughout this global pandemic.