PowerForward DuPage is happy to announce that McWilliams Electric has recently been selected as a 2016 NECA Safety Excellence Award recipient. The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) presents the Safety Excellence award annually to those member contractors who have achieved exemplary safety performance during the previous calendar year and to those contractors who achieve the highest safety score in their respective categories. This cumulative score is based on points achieved for having the lowest injury and illness rates and the insurance industries Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

McWilliams Electric was also awarded the association’s 2016 Zero Injury Award. Recipients are selected based on the fact that a member contractor does not have any reportable injuries in the previous calendar year. Both awards recognize the company’s commitment to providing the safest work environment and their dedication to achieving the industry’s highest safety standards. This is a tremendous accomplishment within the industry and we could not be more proud! Congratulations, McWilliams Electric!